Post Seven: September 30, 2019

TODAY, September 30, 2019 is my Four Year Aniversary of being diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Would not be anything to celebrate EXCEPT, IM STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, quite frankly doing pretty good for a 71 year old OLD MAN willing to do about anything to hang out with a group of SUPER NURSES every two weeks.

TOMORROW, I start my 93rd round of Chemo. That’s Folfirinox plus the experimental Drug CPI613. The doctors tell me to keep doing it as long as I can stand to do it. (GOOGLE CPI613) (GOOGLE Rafael Pharmaceuticals)

LAST Friday I had My 24th MRI and 25th CT Scan. No results yet but the last 3 years these scans have been CLEAR.


Nothing changes your attitude like being told BASICALLY, you gonna die and pretty soon.

As many of you have read, I was in a PHASE One study of our drug combination. 20 of us at only one hospital. 4 or 5 lived about 3 years. (UNHEARD OF). One of us is still alive after 5 years and 3 months. AND IM STILL ALIVE. 4 and 5 years on chemo alone is ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF….

THE GREAT NEWS!!!!! Our drug combo is now in a PHASE THREE study. Many hospitals WORLD WIDE…. Hopefully, sometime in 2020, it will get approved by the FDA.

IF YOU KNOW of anyone needing info on pancreatic cancer give them my special email address:

By the way, in those 4 years, I’ve gotten to watch my 3 grandkids get 4 years older.
Had a 50th wedding anniversary last Christmas
Went to Disney World Twice,
Yellow Stone,
Key West,
Burning Man 3 times,
Toronto a dozen times,
We have put 70,000 Miles on our Class B Camper,
Bought a small Condo at Carolina Beach last fall,
My Son Got Married at 45, back in June (I stood as his Best Man)
AND HIS WIFE is PREGNANT with my Second Grand Son… (this one will have my last name…)

It has been Four Great Years. I Hope for 30 more and Hope to see THOUSANDS of Pancreatic Cancer Patients have the same Great Life after diagnosis that I’ve had. Hopefully, two years from now Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer will not be considered a Death Sentence.

People tell me to have a good day…. I TELL THEM: “EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY”!!!!!!!!!!!

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