Post Six: April 2019

Hi this is Earl Groce aka Cobraearl, 44 month survivor of Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer. I was last published by PanCan in January of 2018 and Lets Win PC in ????? 2018. This is an update to my story.

Life continues to be GOOD!!!!!! I still get chemo every two weeks. Right now, Im in my 81th round of Folfirinox PLUS the experimental drug CPI613. I still 100% credit CPI613 for saving my life. My Wife and I still visit our grandkids in Canada multiple times each year. I always drive the 735 miles each way. I continue to work around the house and yard. My wife and I bought a SMALL condo at Carolina Beach back in October of last year. We are still decorating the condo. We visit the beach across the street often.

December 28, 2018 Juanita and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with about 70 of our family and friends. My new stage four Pancreatic Cancer friend David Wingo, who will celebrate 5 years in June 2019, since being given two weeks to two month to live celebrated with us. David was patient #5 in the 20 patient phase I dosing study. I was patient #18.

Last August Juanita and I made it to our FOURTH Burning Man festival. Burning Man has been important to us because we had just returned from our first Burning Man a couple of weeks before I got my AWFUL diagnosis… Stage Four Pancreatic Cancer also in my lungs and liver. Juanita told me then that we would go back. I seriously doubted I would return but WE DID, Three Times…

LIFE IS GOOD. About 2 days during chemo every other week, I feel about like I have the flu but I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. I’m still convinced that CPI613 helps me and other phase I study patients that I met tolerate the Folfirinox.

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